“Closure and the Law of Relationships” (Book Review)

Although we may not have known to whom it should be attributed, we have all heard the quote by Francois de la Rochefoucauld which states, “The only thing constant in life is change.”  These changes are manifested in many forms.  They may appear as a change in residence, employment, death, and often in relationships.  I believe that change is difficult for most people, but in her book “Closure and the Law of Relationships”, Lissa Coffey shows us that we can welcome change and successfully navigate its effects.

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

As we each traverse through this life, we have the opportunity to experience many opportunities and relationships.  These relationships vary in both type and duration.  Lissa takes us through the process of the development of relationships and the growth that each can bring.  While doing so, she gives practical advice on how to enhance these opportunities and offers questions we should ask ourselves in evaluating our own contribution to the success of these experiences.  Lissa also focuses on the changing dynamics of relationships. She emphasizes how these relationships never really end, but only change.  Often it is in resisting this change that causes struggle and heartache, but Lissa shows how we can minimize or even eliminate this heartache by focusing on the joy and growth that can come through each of these opportunities.  Lissa shares personal intimate experiences that illustrate the success of her advice.  I found this book to be heartwarming and applicable to not only relationships, but in any change we may encounter.  I feel it is a must read for anyone who struggles with change and is looking for closure.  Lissa can indeed help one see how endings are really just new beginnings.

You can also see Lissa on her online interactive lifestyle magazine, CoffeyBuzz.com Click on anything you see and a thumbnail will appear to the right.  Click on the thumbnail and it will take you to the website featuring that item.  Try it out.  I think you will like it.

Remember that 2 Plus 2 Doesn’t Always Equal 4                                                                     [And please take time to read my original post to understand Why the Title of this Blog? (Feb. 17, 2011)]

3 responses to ““Closure and the Law of Relationships” (Book Review)

  1. Great review! I heard Lissa talking about this book a couple of months ago on a radio interview, and she does provide interesting advice.

  2. What’s so great about closure, given that it just won’t happen for so many of life’s gaps? In my experience, praying for closure often gets you this response: “Why you poor dear, let me take that off your mind with this!”, whereupon you are visited with a REAL problem.

    • Just one of the joys of having Ken Cory read my blog is seeing what name he comes up with to comment. It always takes me just a minute to figure out, “Who the heck is this!” I think this name fits you best of all. You do have a point, but hopefully at times we may get a little time in between those problems. It doesn’t always happen though. Plus, for me I feel like I have at least accomplished something by allowing my heart to feel peace over the last issue. After all these years, I have still felt no peace regarding the inconsiderate care I received when I fell at your law office. Finally, I found this book and WaLAW I am cured. HaHa! You should be grateful!

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