My Choice

I would like to thank all those who took time to comment on my last post regarding their most prized material possession.  It wasn’t surprising that for the most part photographs seemed to be a common choice due to the inability to replace them.  I said in that post that I was still trying to decide what one item I would choose.  I thought of four important items.

1)  Photographs of my children.

2) The afghans I have crocheted for my future grandchildren (all bagged together in one place).

3) The afghan my now deceased grandmother crocheted for me.

4) My Book of Mormon collection.

I realize that I could eliminate number 1 by storing my photographs in a “cloud” so that they could be recovered from any computer.  Some of you had the same type of idea with your USB sticks, so that leaves me with three very difficult choices.  I put many hours into the crocheted afghans, but I guess I could always do that again if necessary.  My Book of Mormon collection is very valuable for more than one reason, but more valuable than that would be my Grandma Russell and my memory of always seeing her crocheting or knitting.  Therefore, I would choose the afghan that my maternal grandmother crocheted for me.  Someday, I will write of my memories of her and why that afghan has even more significance than you might think.

Remember that 2 Plus 2 Doesn’t Always Equal 4                                                                     [And please take time to read my original post to understand Why the Title of this Blog? (Feb. 17, 2011)]

One response to “My Choice

  1. I do have a washstand that belonged to my maternal great-grandmother, along with some family photographs. But the washstand is falling apart (it happens to the best of us once we reach a certain age), and I’m in the process of scanning the photographs and saving them to a USB drive.

    And, once I think about it–if such an event were to happen right now, I’d be in big trouble. Because my apartment is the current repository for all of the records of a defunct congregation (I’m in charge of arranging them before they get delivered to an archives/historical society). I have been entrusted with those records, so they would take precedence over any of my material belongings. So–would ten tubs of records, photographs, etc. could as one item that I could save?

    P.S. I like the new layout for your blog. I’m not changing mine, but it’s nice to see how other formats look.

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